Journal Your Travels: Dreaming Of The Tropics (Travel Journals)

Journal Your Travels: Dreaming of the Tropics (Travel Journals)

by Journal Your Travels

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Why keep a Journal? For ages, the wisest teachers in history have taught that Knowledge is Power, and to Know Thyself gives you Courage, Inner Peace, and Complete Control over your emotions. To journal is to spend the time it takes to really get to know You... To finally learn all the lessons that are hiding in your past experiences... To record your most treasured memories... To get crystal clear on Who You Are, so that you know where you stand in any situation... Because in order to go ANYWHERE and change ANYTHING in your experience of life, you have to first know EXACTLY where you're coming from. Journaling is the key to unlocking the You that you're meant to be... Emotionally Clear... Solid... Happy... and Peaceful... Maybe you've got big things in your future, and Your Journal is how you'll take the incredible ideas spinning around your mind and organize them into the game plan that will guide you to success... And as you fill page after page with the epic story of your life... as you record your own hero's journey, you will be writing a book that could one day inspire countless others and change the course of history... Just look at the Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank! We all have our own reasons to journal, whether it's simply to gain clarity... Weighing pros and cons of a certain decision privately... Helping you focus and untangle the knot of a particular situation... Increasing your self-awareness... Tracking your own progress (in fitness, diet, work, or some other project) Recording your dreams... There are travel journals, wedding journals, creative journals, dream journals, to-do journals, goal journals, stream-of-consciousness journals--you name it! Whatever your reasons for journaling, it's good to always have a few journals around for that moment of inspiration or the commitment you make spontaneously and want to follow up with. It's also important to find the type of journal you like. The right size, color, page layout, lines or no lines--whatever makes you happy and inspires you to write! Journals make great friends in times of quiet and reflection, and are wonderful gifts for friends and family of all ages... To keep a journal is to do the number one most important thing you can possibly do for your happiness in life... Honoring Yourself by creating a safe space for your Secret Heart to express itself. Give yourself or someone you love this wonderful gift! Scroll up and order Your Journal now!


























Journal Your Travels: Dreaming of the Tropics (Travel Journals) Journal Your Travels

















Journal Your Travels


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